Awesome Marvel Inspiration for Comic-Con

It’s happened, it’s done. Infinity War is finally out. And oh man, it’s taken an emotional toll on the Marvel Universe. One thing’s for sure: This summer’s comic cons and Marvel gatherings are going to be off the scale. Now is a great time to start thinking about the accessories you need. Or if you’re a collector, make sure you add to your precious collection before everything disappears off the shelves.

As a self-confessed Marvel geek, I’ve gone out and found my favorite pieces for the season:


The Power Gear

I’ll admit they’re popular, but you can’t go wrong with Ironman’s iconic helmet. Even if you’re not the only one, you’ll always have the ultimate cool factor. Make sure the helmet you buy comes with all the bells and whistles. You want it to light up and make realistic sound to get the holistic experience. Also, check that it’s good quality. Things like this should last and not chip and break on day 1.

Suit Up

Let’s face it, comic cons and cosplay are one of the rare occasions when you can go all out and let your inner geek shine. There are plenty of incredible lifelike costumes representing all of the Marvel heroes from Captain America to Black Panther and most come with special versions for kids and adults. Even if going full on costume ain’t your thing, there are some really cool clothes that look like everyday clothing with a Marvel twist. Think Star-Lords jacket…yup.

Box Sets

Now that the “Marvel movie to end all Marvel movies” (hope not) has been released, it’s the perfect occasion to invest in a collector’s box set. Get all the DVDs of your most loved Marvel films and most will now include cool additions and gifts that will make you smile. If you don’t want to buy DVD’s, there’s a whole world of other options, including collecting figurines and accessories. See what’s around at Comic Con or online, and choose the package that you can have fun with.

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