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Traveling around the world is getting easier and quicker all the time, and although it wasn’t too long ago that we’d have to pack up the donkey and cart before heading off, now we just book a flight, catch a train or jump in the car, and with modern technology crossing new boundaries all the time, any city, or country, can soon feel as familiar as home.

While surfing the internet used to be something that was performed mainly from desktops, more and more people are using mobile technology to surf. Research has shown that in 2023, people are spending around 143 minutes a day surfing the internet on their phones, making mobile phones invaluable whilst traveling.

With today’s plethora of downloadable phone apps, many of them free, all you need to explore pastures new is your trusty phone (and a charger).

Map Apps

Designed to help you find the best way around your chosen location, these are a must for any traveler.

Google Maps

Offering a variety of mapping options, including satellite, street maps, and 360° interactive panoramic views, it also alerts you to real time traffic conditions. Allowing comprehensive route planning for traveling by foot, car, plane or public transport, this oldie but goodie is a must for any traveler.


This is the ultimate city explorer app, and offers offline, downloadable comprehensive maps, covering local amenities, and recommendations, even sharing information and tips with other travelers.

Visit A City 

With over 200,000 destinations, Visit A City has detailed descriptions of them all, including attractions, events, facilities and more. This app really is like having your own tourist guide living in your pocket, and them wanting you to have the best time possible.

Like A Local

If you want to experience the real feeling in any given destination, Like A Local can bypass the tourist traps and take you to the secret heart of the city. The places that other visitors never find, and even some locals don’t know, all just waiting for you to discover.

Communication Apps


For fast, simple, secure messaging all over the world, including free calls, WhatsApp is an increasingly popular must-have.


Another option for international communication, Viber allows free calling or texting when you’re connected to WiFi. Although it’s best used with other Viber users, there is an option to call your contacts even if they don’t wish to download the app.

Getting Around Apps


For getting around in safety, Uber is your best bet. Allowing you to connect with a nearby driver, they will pick you up and take you to your desired destination. Uber uses pricing accountability and a follow-up reference service to ensure good practice. Uber is probably your safest option for getting to and from airports when traveling in order to be there on time and not miss your flights.


This is a must-have for anyone, whether you travel or not. In Case of Emergency is a free downloadable app that delivers messages, either instant or delayed, to your emergency contacts.


With access to thousands of restaurants around the world, OpenTable allows you to filter according to neighborhood, cuisine, rating and pricing, before booking, sharing with friends or even ordering a take out.


Wherever you’re heading, music can provide a buzz with Spotify. Imagine how much more fun exploring Brazil could be with the local music singing in your ears, or Japan with Koto flutes whispering melodiously. What about Sir Tom Jones or Dame Shirley Bassey accompanying you around Wales? Spotify has it all.

Our phones have become our constant companions, storing and keeping safe every detail of our lives, from treasured memories, to music tracks, to ID documents, so why not give them another job to do? Guide our journeys around the world.

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