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Our Top 12 Countdown of the Best Stars Wars Gadgets on sale in November, 2018

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This one’s for the Star Wars obsessed.

What better way to celebrate your favorite franchise then with a selection of unique Star Wars gifts and gadgets?

Even though we love Star Wars (May the 4th is THE holiday in May), we’re easy geeks to impress. The Force must be strong in every gift we buy.

“What are we thinking of buying?” Glad you asked.

From a bunch of Star Wars fans to the millions out there just like us, here’s our list of the coolest and wackiest Star Wars gifts you can buy in November, 2018.


1) Star Wars Limited Edition Darth Vader POWERbot

If you thought Darth Vader sucked before . . . then baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

This limited edition Darth Vader POWERbot from Samsung is undoubtedly the world’s coolest robot vacuum cleaner. It’s got some crazy featured called Visionary Mapping Plus and Full View 2.0 sensor, which means it’ll map out your floorplan and create an optimal route to go over it.

That’s scary smart.


2) Star Wars Millennium Falcon & Death Star Waffle Makers

Cook waffles in style with this Millennium Falcon waffle maker. More of a Darksider? Then give the Death Star version a try.

Star Wars never tasted so good.


3) Star Wars Single-Cup Coffee Maker (with Chewbacca Mug!)

Fighting the forces of evil isn’t easy. You’re gonna need a daily caffeine boost. This sleek Star Wars coffee maker has got you covered. Oh, and it comes with a cool Chewbacca mug perfect for your inner Jedi in training.


4) Star Wars Lightsaber Spatula

All that time practicing the lightsaber will come in handy with this Star Wars lightsaber spatula. Flip burgers as if the universe depended on it.

5) Star Wars Lamps

It’s hard to go wrong with either of these Force-filled desk lamps. We think the Star Wars Death Star 3D Optical Illusion Desk Lamp is cooler to look at, but why not go with both? The one on the right, the Star Wars Darth Vader 3D Optical Illusion Desk Lamp, looks way better lit up, which you can’t see in the photo.


6) Star Wars Boba Fett Rucksack

This Boba Fett rucksack is perfect for those adventures out there. It’s got tons of room to store your things, and best of all?

It looks damn cool.

7) Star Wars Stormtrooper Smartwatch

The mini little Star Wars geek of yours will love this Stormtrooper Smartwatch from VTech. It’s got all the cool features you want in a smartwatch, including video recording, and it does it all with a fun Star Wars flair.

Heck, we don’t even have any kids, and we’re thinking of ordering one!


8) Star Wars Life-Sized Cardboard Standup Darth Vader

Scare your friends and family with this super-detailed, life-sized cardboard standup Darth Vader.

Just don’t put it too close to your bed. Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Darth standing over you might ruin some bed sheets.


9) Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrella

This lightsaber umbrella will not only help you protect yourself from the Darkside, it’ll also protect you from the rain. Which is way worse. Be the coolest geek in town when you whip this gem out in public.  You’ll like it so much you’ll hope it rains more often.


10) Star Wars R2D2 Shower Head

If you’re someone who loves Star Wars enough to bring it into your bathroom, check out this adorable R2D2 shower head. It will be loved by kids and big kids alike.

And don’t worry: they’ll keep their eyes closed the entire time.




11) Star Wars The Digital Six Film Collection

No Star Wars collection is complete without the films that skyrocketed the franchise. Now you can get the first six flicks in one beautiful package with the Star Wars The Digital Six Film Collection.

Why not spend May the 4th binge watching everyone’s favorite series of films?


12) Star Wars Fully-Interactive BB-8 Droid

Now this is cool. The 16″ fully-interactive BB-8 Droid not only comes with a remote for 360-degree control, it’ll also respond to your voice command. But the coolest feature is the Follow Me mode which allowsBB-8 to roll along beside you just like in the films.

You’ll never feel lonely again — a first for a Star Wars fan (joke)!


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