Engage, Inspire and Enlighten – Educational Apps for Toddlers

One of the toughest challenges for parents these days is how to encourage a level of digital know-how in our kids. While most can run rings around us with any downloadable app, it’s a good idea to start early and teach them to be circumspect about which apps are good, and which bring nothing to the table but trouble.

Apps are readily downloadable onto our smartphones, or better still, high resolution laptop. With decent image quality, motion scrolling and level of responsiveness, laptops are considered to put less strain on young eyes.

While many kid-friendly apps are great, there are far too many that are essentially click-bait for tiny minds. With toddlers and preschoolers, those little minds are super eager to soak up anything, so it’s simple to steer them towards engaging and enlightening digital content, like educational apps suggests Dictionarypedia. From learning their alphabet to improving hand-to-eye coordination, there’s no limit of useful, educational apps to prep them for life, without piling on the pressure while they’re still so young. Learning should be fun, enjoyable and inspiring, and that’s what we’ve looked for in these educational apps for your toddlers.

Bugs and Buttons

Bright, colorful and bold – this app possesses all the things designed to get toddlers to sit up and take notice. With catchy music, it focuses on concepts such as colors, numbers, and shapes, it teaches motor skills, critical thinking, memory, and more. Our kids were encouraged and excited by the different levels, wanting to see what the next game entailed. Ideal for ages 3-5, but each child is different, and we found older kids loved it, too.

Avokiddo ABC Ride

This alphabet game has fully adjustable difficulty levels, depending on your toddler’s age, and uses interactive and highly engaging games to teach letters to preschoolers. Each letter is spoken phonetically and by letter name, and kids are encouraged to use the letters in words. Teaching critical thinking and problem solving, logic, and memory, with each game focusing on a number of skill sets. It’s recommended for children aged 2-5, but everyone ended up joining in!

Funbrain Jr. 

With a whole range of online content, Funbrain Jr. has something for kids of all ages. Kindergarten Readiness works on early literacy, communication, and cognitive development, while Funbrain tackles letter and simple word recognition, sequences and basic counting, and motor skills.

Alien Buddies

Okay, so we had to spend a bit of time showing the kids how to play the mix of games in this app, once they were released, they absolutely adored this. Bedtime came and went for several nights as we were also enjoying the bonding experience. Concerned with matching different shaped aliens, colors and more, these simple interactive games brought so much to the table. Designed for ages 2-5, it’s bold and eye catching enough to keep even the younger kids interested.

Sago Mini Puppy Preschool

The innovative use of puppies – the pup xylophone is genius, throughout this app appealed to everyone. Teaching colors, letters and numbers via cute, interactive doggies, not to mention music from the talented puppy musicians, kept us all enthralled. Even when our kids were free playing, which the app encourages, we could see how the interaction with puppies was keeping their interest in learning more. Recommended for ages 2-3, our older children gained much from it, too.

The advances we’re experiencing and enjoying in digital technology have practical applications for every walk of life, and toddlers or preschoolers are no different. Teaching them everyday skills and preparing them for the next stage in their young lives is crucial to their cognitive development and these child-friendly apps certainly do that in bucket-loads.

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