Challenge Accepted? – Geocaching, Outdoor Adventure for All

Rapidly increasing in popularity, geocaching is awesome fun for everyone, and all you need is a sense of adventure and a GPS device – however there are numerous easy-to-use apps available for your laptop or phone that can point you in the right direction.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a contemporary, continuous treasure hunt, using GPS coordinates, or waypoints. You’re seeking a cache and it could be hidden anywhere, from inside a tree trunk to a hole in the wall of a city churchyard.

The cache tends to be sealed in a small, waterproof box with a logbook, and may be a pretty shell or a tiny item of jewellery, and the idea is that you sign the logbook, take the cache, and replace it with treasure of your own for the next hunter to find. The thrill and excitement is in the hunt, not the prize, and there are geocaching groups all over the world, with hunts taking place on every continent.

Types of cache

There are several categories of cache, many organized by geocaching societies, including:

  • Traditional cache – container with logbook and treasure
  • Multi cache – a series of boxes, each with the coordinates to the next one. The final one contains the logbook and cache
  • Puzzle cache – each box contains a puzzle or challenge to be completed before the next clue is revealed
  • Dash cache – the object is to visit as many cache coordinates in a set amount of time
  • Event cache – often organized and attended by large groups of geocachers who are hunting coordinates


Best sites for geocachers

Every player has their favorite go-to site, but there are some stand-out apps, and is one. This tends to be the go-to app for international hunters, with products to enhance the experience, active global groups and forums, and plenty of support for newbies. Sidetracked is another. This international series brings together train fans and geocaching in an awesome global treasure hunt, with caches hidden at or near train stations in all their forms, from working stations, to miniature steam models. Cachly and C:Geo are both accessible, inexpensive apps that support iOS and Android respectively, offering numerous features and functions, enabling you to specify the type of caches you want to seek, and more, creating a fully individualized experience.


Geocaching is awesome fun, getting you out in the fresh air, providing exercise both physically and mentally and allowing you to join in with a global community – we love it!


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