How to Buy a 4K TV – Check Out These Hot Tips For Buying The Finest 4K TV On the Market

If you’ve been umm’ing and ah’ing about buying a 4K smart TV – I’ve got one thing to tell you. The time is now. A 4K TV offers such incredible screen resolution that you’ll be amazed how long you held on to your old 1080p unit. And prices have hit rock bottom so this is the best time to bag yourself a bargain.

So, where do you start? Well here are my top tips on how to purchase the perfect 4K TV for your home:

  • What’s Your Budget?

Make it clear how much you want to spend before you look online. It’s true that often the most expensive models are worth spending that bit extra. However, if your budget is $500 rather than $1,500, you can still find a killer TV. You can also check out this handy guide on buying a superior 4k TV for under $1,000 if you are limited by your budget.

  • Check for HDR

This is so important. Some TVs branded as 4K don’t actually have the one feature that makes these TV’s so special. That’s high dynamic range capability, or HDR. It has a huge impact on the overall color, saturation and definition. My advice is do not buy unless the TV specs include the HDR acronym. One last thing, there’s a couple of different versions of HDR out there. Both can be equally as good. The main ones are HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

  • Choose OLED or LED

Most TVs out there will have built in LED backlighting. This guarantees a super bright screen. However, it has some limitations when it comes to dark colors. It just can’t always handle a black screen so darker images can become confused. OLED screens circumnavigate this issue by brightening individual pixels and is better at making the screen a rich black. Basically, if you like your screen really bright, I would stick with LED. If you’d rather have stark contrast then OLED is for you.

  • Pick Your Screen

Finally, you’ll want to choose what sized screen you want. Think about the configuration of the space where you want the TV to be placed. All 4K TVs can usually be placed on a flat surface or mounted. Additionally, screens can be flat or curved. Curved TV’s are going slightly out of fashion. It’s mainly rooted in glare issues that many people were experiencing. I agree and recommend opting for a classic flat screen.

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