Awesome Pro Photography Tips – The Secret to Fantastic Tourist Photos

Wherever we travel, we collect memories, all held together with good times and happy feelings. But over time, the memories become jumbled and distorted, mixed up and more blurred, so capturing the memories on film is a much better method of preservation.

Cameras are becoming increasingly foolproof with every model produced, and most are pretty hot at the point and click method of photography. Two of the most user friendly cameras are the Nikon DSLR and the Canon DSLR. DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex. It refers to several features that make these cameras some of the best for capturing top quality images, and the choice of amateurs and professionals alike.

Because it has a single lens, the image you’re seeing, is the exact same image the camera photographs; via the optical viewfinder, you’re seeing, in real-time, the image you’re going to capture – it’s that simple. This means that taking the perfect shot is far easier, because you don’t have to take distortion into consideration.

So, now we’ve established the best sort of camera to look for, what do you do with it?

Learning How to Capture the Scene

Conveying the feeling of the scene is what you’re hoping to achieve, trying to help someone feel what you did when you first saw it. Sometimes this can mean waiting for the perfect shot – waiting until the weather is right, or the sun in the perfect place, but in other areas, it can mean just snapping away, feeling the energy of the place, and trying to capture it through the lens.

Scouting Out the Area

Doing your homework doesn’t detract from the intimacy and immediacy of a photograph. If you know what the attractions are in any given city, then look at any websites to find the best angles to take your photos from. Decide the best place to stand to capture the magic you’re trying to make others feel, then plan your sightseeing accordingly.

Get off the beaten track, too, and go exploring down side alleys, dark streets and around the next corner. Find the hidden heart of the place, taking photos of scenes that no one else has witnessed.

Talk to the Locals

Some scenes can be enhanced by the inclusion of a friendly local person. Always remember to be polite, and chat to people first before thrusting the camera in their faces. Learn the right phrase for taking a photo, or making a portrait – the effort will be appreciated. If they don’t wish to be photographed, respect their wishes, and maybe ask them to photograph you instead.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Tripod

A small, lightweight travel tripod allows you time to arrange the composition, adjusting until you’re happy. It also means you can shoot at much slower shutter speeds without worrying about hand shakes. This works awesomely well for natural wonders such as waterfalls or starry skies.

Always Be Ready

Make sure that the best photo opportunity doesn’t pass you by. Have your camera ready to shoot if you’re out and about, and instinctively knowing what works will start to become easier.


Always Back Up Your Photos

This goes without saying!

Wherever you find yourself, with a good camera and an eye for composition, you can share your adventures with the world, allowing family, friends and others to feel what you did, to see what you saw and be where you were.


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