Ultimate 2-in-1 Experience – We Reveal the Best TV-DVD Combination of April, 2020


It can be said that multitasking makes you a jack of all trades, and it may be the case if you’re just trying your hand at a couple of things, but when you’re serious, the ability to become the master is right there, and this is a case in point.

Buying a winning TV DVD combination is a great option if you want a neat, simple layout to your home entertainment set-up, if you love caravanning, or are a student coming home regularly, and they are much more portable than regular TVs. How about a new set in the kitchen? Being smaller than the average TV, the combination machines can go anywhere you choose.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a TV-DVD Combination

Although few and far between, it is possible to buy a combination TV-DVD with Smart technology. The addition of Smart-ness is becoming more available, but you may have to look if you want the ability to download and stream movies, apps and so on.

Many come equipped with a 12V power adapter – perfect for plugging into your car or caravan so you don’t have to miss any big games whilst you’re on vacation.

Make sure, if you want to connect extra devices, that the set you choose has enough HDMI and USB ports to carry the extra load, especially if you want to turn your combi into a gaming hub, with extra consoles, keyboards and other peripheries, or add a soundbar for added thrumm – think student life!

Combining quality with a budget-friendly price, the Proscan LED TV-DVD has mastered multitasking perfectly.

Neatly packaged with sleeklined bevelling, and subtle but stable feet, it’s ideal for holidaying, or watching in a bedroom, kids playroom or even the kitchen.

The visuals are impressively good, with rich, rounded shades, and some of the deepest blacks we’ve seen. Contrasts are great, and the textural effects are equally detailed across the screen. With LED backlighting, a decent refresh rate, and smooth, seamless scrolling, what’s not to like?

The audio, too, is full bodied, and whilst it may lack a little in the volume department, it more than makes up for in depth, crispness and the lifelike tonal qualities.

This no-nonsense combi is as honest as it looks, and with 3 HDMI ports, dual functionality as a computer monitor, and an easy installation, Proscan have produced a great TV-DVD that’s well worth serious consideration.

Proscan PLDV321300 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV-DVD Combo

Last update was on:
April 2, 2020 4:35 pm
$274.99 $300.00

If you’re still unsure how TV-DVD combos work and what to look for when purchasing one, check out this list of guidelines to make sure you get the best device for yourself!

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