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The Best Electric Fireplace of 2018

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Families and fireplace go hand in hand. Electric fireplaces resemble any traditional fireplace, without cleaning hassles. All the pros, and non of the cons! That’s why electric fireplaces are trendy as ever. Personally, I’m obsessed. I love the vibe of sitting by my fireplace no matter how hot or freezing cold it is outside.

This year electric fireplaces are taking off. I’ll admit, first I was skeptical. I told myself, “it’s not the real deal” and “I’m not going to waste my hard-earned cash on a fad”. I was totally wrong. Electric fireplaces are just as satisfying as traditional fireplaces, if not more. Yes, you’ll miss out on being able to poke and prod your fire and the smell of burning firewood. But no more cleaning out junk. No smoke pollution. The pros heavily knocks out the cons.

Here’s my best tip: Ensure that you’re buying a GREAT product. Why? Well, electric fireplaces that aren’t well made look convincingly real. Do you really want that? Also, you want something that looks aesthetically stunning in your home.

After backbreaking research , I’ve found my favorite:

PuraFlame Alice 48″ Recessed Electric Fireplace

The Pros

This wall-mounted electric fireplace is a beauty to behold. In terms of dimensions, it fits neatly on a wall around 2 x 6’’ wide. It’s made of metal and tempered glass that has “high quality” written all over it. That also makes the fireplace look ultra modern and stylish, perfect for a range of décor (as approved by my interior designer gf!).

The fireplace features various heating settings simply adjusting with its own remote. First you can choose your ember bed between classic logs and cool crystal stones. Then you’re ready to adjust your flame and Puraflame provide you with 4 x options: Yellow with low blue brightness, super bright yellow, yellow with slight blue brightness and lastly, all blue brightness. This might sound crazy right now – but trust me, once you start adjusting your fire, it’ll all make sense. The calm and serene ambience will turn your room into the most romantic space. Perfect for relaxing alone or for date night…

Finally, you can choose your heat. This fireplace works either by emitting heat or without, so you can use it all year round. If you do heat it up, its projected through a front blower and its powerful enough to warm approximately 400 square feet. Room temperature will climb up to 61-82 Fahrenheit, which is optimal. There’s also a timer, which will automatically switch your fireplace off in case you forget about it.

The reason why I chose to recommend this fireplace is that it looks realistic. There’s no special effects, no gimmicks, just a good old natural flame. Anyone who walks into your home will marvel at your beautiful, immaculate fireplace.  And you’re getting the most bank for your buck for the amount it’s worth. Some electric fireplaces are unbelievably expensive and not all that impressive. The Puraflame offers simple luxury at an affordable price.

Now for those other perks I promised. One is longevity. Electric fireplaces tend to last longer than traditional fireplaces, especially if you’re not willing to spend endless hours maintaining it. Then there’s the health and safety factor. Your whole family is safe from accidentally burning themselves or breathing in harmful fumes. And you won’t have to worry about dirt and soot caused by burning wood. That reminds me, less mess! You won’t have to prep, stoke up or clean after each fire. An electric fireplace is also portable. If you move homes, you can take it with you and have it re-installed. Some condos might even prohibit you from using a traditional fireplace so you won’t ever have that issue.

The Cons

This isn’t really a criticism of the Puraflame as such but I’ve got to address it. The heating capacity of the electric fireplace is, well, okay…nothing phenomenal. This is true of all electric fireplaces. They’re just not designed to be the primary source of heating for a big home. However, if you combine it with a basic heating system, it will definitely make your room nice and toasty. The only other thing I should mention is that some assembly will be required. Nothing too taxing, but you’ll probably need a muscle-bound strong person to help you lift and fit it to your wall.


People all around the world are singing this electric fireplaces’ praises. I’m joining the choir. If you love the atmospheric experience of a fireplace but without any practical and safety concerns, this product is life-changing. You, your family and your friends will love it for years to come.


Materials: Metal, Tempered Glass
Voltage and power: 110V, 60Hz
4 x unique flame settings
14 x ember bed variations including 13 colors and a color-cycle setting
CSA approved
1-year warranty
Box includes: firebox(1), glass panel(1), remote control(1), owner’s manual(1), crystal stones set(1), log set(1)

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PuraFlame Alice 48" Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted for 2 X 6...

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