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In recent years, we have seen streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube make their way to TVs, redefining how people watch and enjoy their shows. These on-demand web-based services that were once only available on computers can now be accessed on TVs via smart platforms, such as the Roku TV – the pioneer in TV streaming experience.

What is Roku?

Roku TVs are smart TVs that have a built-in Roku device installed. This is an online media player that allows you to watch on-demand content through streaming apps that are downloaded on the device. They come in a variety of models from HD to 4K HDR produced by top manufacturers like Toshiba, Samsung, Sony.

When Roku was launched in 2008, early adopters began to enjoy video content, both free and paid, on their TV through the internet. Now, many smart TVs offer the same feature to consumers but at different levels depending on the model. Some smart TVs still need a separate streaming device connected to them in order to maximize streaming services. Roku TVs, on the other hand, provides all the features and benefits of streaming without having to connect an additional device to them. These TVs are simple to use and easy to navigate with quick response times. The newer Roku TVs are even capable of syncing with the Roku app for Android and iOS so users can control them from their mobile devices.

The Roku Channel

Roku TVs offer a lot of free content on the Roku Channel. You also have the option of paid subscriptions to enjoy live TV and sports. It provides a wide choice of shows and movies from over 3000 channels, whether using a cable box, HDTV antenna, or streaming apps. Roku TVs also come with the Roku remote control that has dedicated buttons for apps, headphone jacks, and even voice control features depending on the TV model.

Last but not least, Roku TVs are built within the budget-friendly price range compared to other smart TVs, making them well worth considering.

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