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Top 5 Electric Skateboards 2018 – Best Reviewed Electronic Skateboards

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Electric remote-controlled skateboards are trending mainstream. These boards have become more complex and sophisticated. Think sleek design, powerful motors and immaculate control. I’ve listed boards below fitting the needs of even heavyset guys, with features like the sturdiness to ride over boulder-sized rocks and the longevity to travel a few miles into town.  

I’ve test rode over 20 electric longboards (longboard = extra long skateboards), and drew the top 5 for the best user experience. Some of the questions you’ll find answers to:

  • Are the materials solid?
  • Will the battery last?
  • Is the performance good enough?
  • Is it worth my money?

Read on for the Top 5 Electric Skateboards stirring the skate scene!

1) Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard


Right off the bat, I love the sleek design of this 2nd generation board from Boosted. The curvy bamboo deck has natural suspension that makes for a comfortable ride. The signature neon orange color will make you stand out either in the day or on nighttime rides. Flip the board upside down and you’ll see that.

The motor and battery are cleverly concealed. Most people looking at this automatic board would never guess it’s electric, so you’ll look like any other pro skater.

Every morning I grab my Go Pro and take this board out for a spin. I ride the streets for miles through the hustle and bustle of downtown L.A. By day 30, I’ve racked up 200 miles. The board isn’t showing any signs of fatigue and looks brand spanking new. It holds up well and I haven’t noticed a decrease in battery life. The board is made of modular parts, so you can conveniently replace them.


  • Top speeds of 22mph using 2,000w motor power
  • High-performance regenerative braking system with extra traction grip tape to boot
  • Smart bluetooth controller that uses state-of-the-art technology to keep you on track
  • 25% hill gradient
  • Standard fitted battery lasting 6-7 miles
  • Tips the scales at 15 pounds

The Good

A major benefit of the 2nd Generation board is the excellent build quality. You’ll be riding this board for years to come. The upgraded brake technology and instinctive smart controller give you precise control.

Immediately, this is one of the best cruiser boards I’ve tested. The board rides smoothly, allowing effortless gliding over smooth concrete. It accelerates to 22mph on a 6-7 mile range, which will make you faster than most other boards. The controller will let you adjust between slow, medium and fast. The 25% hill gradient is a lifesaver if you live in a sloping terrain. It doesn’t take long for the board to charge, so you’ll be back riding after an hour.

The Boosted app is a great accompaniment and gives you interesting data about your board. You’ll be able to keep track of your rides and get competitive with your pals.

Needs Improvement

One drawback is the battery life. An average range of 6 miles won’t last long if you’re out for an epic ride. I’d recommend swapping for the extended life battery right off the bat.

Another downside is the weight of it. The charger alone comes in at 2 pounds. If you’re anything like me and will hop on and off your motorized skateboard in crazy traffic, you’ll find this a pain to lug around. At 20mph, riding this board is faster than pedaling a bike – so grab a good helmet.

Final Verdict

I really like my Boosted board. The speed, size and look are perfect for cruising city-scapes and dirt tracks. I use it every day, from my morning Starbucks run to cruising down the neighborhood at night.

The Boosted Board is pricey costing anywhere around $1,200 – $1,400. But if you use it to get everywhere in the city instead of expensive cabs, it’ll save you money.

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Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard

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Last update was in: April 7, 2018 10:56 pm

$1,199.99 $1,499.00



Looking for a cool board for beginner skaters? The Acton board fits the bill.

What makes this a great choice is that it’s light and portable. Ideal for teenagers to grab and go.

The controls are easy to operate. Start with beginner mode to build up gradual speed. Get comfortable before you increase speed normal and jet. You’ll never feel like the board is about to fly out from under your feet.

Designed to carry weight of up to 130lbs, this board is a fun and playful option for doing loops around town. The battery lasts for up to 5 miles – more than enough for an average trip to school, the park or the grocery store. The board can handle slight inclines with ease, so you’ll definitely make it up your steep driveway.

Safety is high priority with the Blink Lite 2. I waited until after sunset to ride the board, and the bright LED lights are great for visibility. The wheels are bigger than on a regular skateboard. I was able to fly over rocks and grass easily.


  • Durable material
  • Good battery life of up to 5 miles
  • Fast charging (under 2 hours)
  • Super light, weighing just under 7.7 pounds
  • Integrated LED safety lights
  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth controller
  • 6 months limited warranty

The Good

The skating is a breeze. My 12-year old cousin spent hours doing loops around the neighborhood. The design is well-thought-out, and gives you just enough space to see the pavement in front of you. The board is featherweight, which makes it perfect for carrying around school. It will easily accelerate even up a slight incline. The powerful regenerative brakes will bring you to a dead stop without making you fall.

Needs Improvement

The only way you can change mode and monitor battery life is via the App. You’ll have to carry your phone on your skate. Some materials such as the remote have a cheaper feel to it than the Boosted remote.

Final Verdict

Overall, I would recommend this board if you’re in the market for your first electric board. It’s easy to grab and go, so you can practice in the streets and the park. With this board you’ll be a pro skater in no time.

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ACTON BLINK Lite | Spring Sale | World's Lightest Electric Skateboard for...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
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$249.00 $299.99

3) Teamgee Electric skateboard | 37 Inch Pintail Longboard |11 Ply Maple Deck | Vlogger’s Best Companion


So sleek, so thin – a skating beauty to behold.
I’ll be the first to admit it: Electric boards have a way to go before they look as slick as their non-powered counterparts. This Teamgee board changes all of that.
The graphics on the deck are some of the coolest I’ve seen. And that’s just the start: The luxurious 11-ply maple wood deck itself is beautifully narrow, a testament to the workmanship of the manufacturers. It’s definitely not style over substance; this durable board can go over handle pretty much any terrain. Otherwise, it comes with everything you would expect. An easy wireless remote that will accelerate you to around 19mph with a range of 10 miles and 20 degree gradient hill climbing power. Novice riders should take extra caution, this board will accelerate fast and break hard – so it’s best suited for relatively experienced riders. All in all, an amazing board – one of the most modern I’ve had the pleasure of cruising with and one that I’d highly recommend.
  • Max Range: 10 miles
  • Top speed: 18.5 MPH
  • Low-speed mode: 11 MPH
  • High-speed mode: 18.5 MPH
  • Wheelbase: 31 inch
  • Max climb angle: 15-20°
  • Net weight: 14 lbs
  • Note: Actual performance will be affected by user’s weight, road conditions, and battery level
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Teamgee Electric skateboard | Great Last Mile Vehicle Solution | 37 Inch...

Last update was in: July 23, 2018 2:20 pm

$529.00 $999.00


I was a little skeptical about this cheap and cheerful board from Razor. It didn’t take long for it to prove me wrong. I love the strong feel of the bamboo deck. This board can definitely sustain a few knocks and kicks.

There are a few drawbacks. You won’t reach the dizzying speeds of some of its more expensive rivals. It still offers a respectable 10mph for up to 40 minutes of non-stop use.

This board is again perfect for anyone looking for a first board or for laidback riding.


  • 125w geared rear wheel motor
  • Digital hand controller
  • Top speeds of around 10mph
  • Sleep black/natural design
  • Battery life of up to 40 minutes on a single charge
  • Max weight: 220lbs

The Good

If you’re looking for an easy board that you can take out every day, this is the best value you’re ever going to get. This board is so easy to control that you can get the hang of it even without an ounce of experience. The high grip urethrane wheels are big so you can go over bumps and gaps in the road. All in all, it’s a stable ride.

Needs Improvement

First impression is that the board is heavy. After a day of carrying it around with me around town, I was worn out.

Final Verdict

This board costs a fraction of the expensive models. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a cool board under $200. It looks stylish and the wide deck makes it comfortable to ride. Once the battery dies, the design of this board makes it easy to continue skating.

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Last update was in: April 7, 2018 10:57 pm

$199.00 $199.99

5) MotoTec MT-SKT-1600


This one is for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

The new Mototec has the power and traction that allows you to conquer off-road tracks. The board is powered by dual motors, one on each rear wheel. Combined they’re powerful enough to propel you over any terrain.

Overall this board was by far one of the best boards we tested. Our in-house skaters love the combination of classic skating fair with a touch of extreme sports. The wood material makes it luxurious to touch.


  • 1,600w board with dual rear-wheel motors
  • Maximum speed of 22mph with a range of 10 miles
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Accelarates from 0-15 in 3.5 seconds!
  • Carries rider weight of 260lbs
  • Stunning 2-ply maple wood deck
  • 10 inch tires
  • Auto power shut off and LED battery meter

The Good

If you’re a skater who isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, this board has got you covered. Given that the all-terrain Mototec is noticeably heavier than its competitors, I was most impressed with the acceleration and speed. The board is properly made and perfectly engineered for experienced skaters who love having fun.

Needs Improvement

Weighing a hefty 71 lbs, the Mototec isn’t easy to carry around. There is a learning curve riding the board. A less experienced skater who isn’t used to leaning forward risks being thrown off the back. Given that the Mototec is geared for outdoor riding, I wish the range was longer.

Final Verdict

This is a killer board. I’m always finding an excuse to ride it. With the Mototec you’re not limited to cruising the pavement. To really make the most of it, take it out on dirt roads, grass and beaches.

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MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard

Usually ships in 24 hours
Last update was in: April 7, 2018 10:57 pm


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