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Play For Longer With Our Top 3 Gaming Chairs of 2023

The Best-Selling Gaming Chairs: Which ones deliver in performance?

There is probably nothing better than sitting down after a long day to enjoy your favorite video game – except for doing just that in a wonderfully comfortable gaming chair! One half control center and one half immersion therapy, gaming chairs are the perfect match for those of us who want to beat the bad guys while comfortably reclining in a chair.

A gaming chair can really help with posture and spinal positioning, blood flow, but more importantly, improve your gaming ability, due to increased concentration and body comfort. But what to look for when choosing your throne? Which chair will enhance your experience?

There are several types of chair to think about, but style ultimately depends on personal choice, after all you’re the one sitting in it for hours.

• Gaming Rockers: they are usually designed in a sort of L-shape and do not have typical chair legs – they are placed straight on the floor. They allow reclining and rocking for that fully immersive experience.

• Racing Chairs: these commonly feature an actual steering wheel and pedals, which tends to immerse gamers into a realistic experience. Clearly, this is the best choice if you love playing racing games. An extra perk is that racing chairs work wonders for flight simulation games as well. Many racing chairs are fully mobile on their base, allowing for ‘cornering’ etc.

• Pedestal Chair: These chairs serve to raise the gamer off the floor, therefore enabling tilting, but also ensuring a clear view at the monitor.

You also need to ensure that the chair you are purchasing fits well with your gaming setup. If you already use a specific type of gaming keyboard and gaming mice, for example, you will want your chair to position you exactly right. Some of these gaming chairs work with most gaming consoles, while others come programmed to work with one console only. Some come with speakers which can enhance your playing no end, and some have wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for annoying cords.

Other features to look for include rumble functions, surround sound and the less technological – cup holders and arm rests.

So what are the Top 3 Gaming Chairs?

1) Homall Gaming Chair


The good looking Homall gaming chair is an ergonomic racing style chair designed both for comfort and the all round gaming experience. This chair fully reclines, swivels and rocks, has arm and head rests and a very comfortable lumbar support cushion. The fabric is hardwearing, stain and scratch resistant. This chair feels very well made, sturdy and is so easy to assemble.

What We Like

This Homall chair is incredibly comfortable for a long heavy gaming session. We fully tested the 360° swivel action, reclining ability, and rocking functions, and found them all awesome, really adding to the immersive experience. Despite many hours of continuous gaming, we found this chair comfortable and relaxing, and were pleased to see no marks on the floor after a fair bit of sliding around.

What Needs Improving

The one thing that could be improved is to make the arm rests adjustable; they were the perfect height for us, but that might not be the case with everyone.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This is a really cool chair. It looks great, is sturdy and well made, and comfortable enough for many hours of continuous gaming with no resulting aches and pains. For the price, it’s awesome, and we’re happy to recommend the Homall.

$109.99  in stock
as of June 5, 2023 11:39 pm

2) KCream Gaming Chair

KCREAM Gaming Chair PC Computer Video Game Racing Gamer Chair High Back Reclining Executive Ergonomic Desk Office Chair (red) Overview

This KCream racing chair is rugged and tough. We found it super easy to assemble, and the ergonomic design provides support just where it’s needed. With the ability to rock, swivel, tilt and recline, there doesn’t appear to be much this chair can’t do.

What We Like

Despite rocking, tilting and swivelling for hours on end, this chair coped very well. It’s sleek looking, awesomely comfortable and fully adjustable. Heavy duty casters ensure the floor remained mark free.

We love the ‘take a rest’ mode – it allows you to completely stretch out, loosening your legs, back and neck muscles. You can recline the chair to be almost horizontal, and surprisingly, it’s perfectly balanced in this position.

What Needs Improving

For taller players, the chair could do with another 2’’ on the back, but this wasn’t a deal-breaker and it was still very comfortable.

9.6Expert Score
The Final Verdict

You’d be forgiven for assuming this chair is in the high price bracket, considering everything it has going for it, but no, it’s a great price for an awesomely good racing chair.

 check latest price
as of June 5, 2023 8:23 pm

3) BestOffice Gaming Chair

High Back Gaming Chair PC Office Chair Racing Computer Chair Task PU Desk Chair Ergonomic Swivel Rolling Chair with Lumbar Support Headrest for Back Pain Women Adults Gamer (White)


By day this gaming chair is your standard work chair and by it night doubles as an excellent, ultra-comfortable, gaming chair. Not to mention it comes in a bold camo and black colorway with a sci-fi inspired design. This is heavy duty, hard wearing and very user friendly. We assembled it in minutes and were ready to play.

What We Like

We love this stylish design, and the fact it morphs from gaming chair to smart (but cool) office chair is awesome – what a way to cut costs! It swivels, tilts, reclines and supports, allowing for extra long gaming sessions. The cushions are super comfortable, the material soft, but hard wearing leather, and everything is adjustable. Not only are they wheels scratch proof, but so silent as to be deemed ‘mute’. Perfect for an undisturbed, immersive experience.

What Needs Improving

This chair had a strange, plasticky smell on unpacking. However, within a couple of hours this had faded completely. After then, we couldn’t fault it.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This chair is near perfect – both as a stylish work chair and a comfortable, sleek gaming throne. It’s durable, tough and coped well with everything we threw at it. We've never been so comfortable while dominating at Call of Duty.

 in stock
2 new from $49.99
3 used from $73.58
as of June 5, 2023 8:23 pm

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