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The Best Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners of September, 2018

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“It’s about time they invented a robot that will clean the house”, our dear grandma’s would say. Now that wish is granted.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are perfect for those of us who find cleaning boring (read: every person on the planet). They’re also a great benefit for anyone with mobility issues.

But not every automatic vacuum cleaner is the same.

Thanks to technological advancements, certain models are smarter and more efficient than others. This makes them a worthy investment even for professionals. For starters, they can optimize themselves to suit hardwood floors, tiles and carpets. The right machine will leave your home sparkling clean.

Another positive is that the prices of robot cleaners have continued to take a dramatic fall. No longer an expensive investment, you can now bag yourself a quality smart vacuum for under $200.

Still, you will want to make sure the robot cleaner you buy meets your cleaning requirements.

Curious about the best robot vacuums of September, 2018? We’ve found the best to suit any budget!

1) iLife A6 Pro


The ILIFE A6 is the cream of the crop.

This smart robot uses CyclonePower technology to suck up dust, dirt and hairs quickly and effectively. We really love the super slim modern design that makes this vacuum cleaner a pleasure to have in the home.

What We Like

It’s often said that robot vacuum cleaners are not as efficient as traditional vacuums. Well, in that case the iLife A6 is a myth buster.

The design thin enough to get under your furniture and extract unwanted dirt from the hardest places. The smart sensors prevent the robot from running into obstacles, and even differentiate different floor types such as hardwood and laminate. It will also alert you when it’s low on power. For a single charge, you get up to 100 minutes of automated cleaning time, which is generous!

As a brand, iLife are long established in the robot vacuum world. They’ve been manufacturing for over a decade, so you get great customer service in case of any issue.

What Needs Improving

Turns out, it doesn’t like stray LEGOs (then again, neither do our feet!). The LEGOs got (briefly) lodged in the machine, although they did no harm. So this vacuum works best in an already de-cluttered environment.

9.0Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Look...those of us who tested this robo cleaner live in a house with two kids, a dog, and a cat running around. There’s never a moment without dirt, food scraps, or dust gathering in balls under the furniture. This vacuum cleaner handled it all. We're more than satisfied. It's clearly an Amazon best-seller for a reason.

ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

1 used from $129.99
Last update was in: September 5, 2018 7:26 am
$209.00 $219.99


2) iRobot Roomba 690


The Roomba 690 is all about maximizing convenience. This machine has reduced our average cleaning needs from every week to around once a month. How, you may ask?

What We Like

This is a higher-spec model. It has high-suction power with dedicated carpet and floor cleaning modes. It maps out the space with accuracy, and selects the most optimal route for covering the whole of the room.

But the simultaneous dual-brush system makes the 690 really special. One brush will loosen surface dirt, and then the other will pick it up. I’ve found this makes it more efficient on a greater variety of surfaces than many of its competitors. It can cope with everything from light dust particles to hair, and even larger debris. Brilliant design.

The 690 uses a dirt detect-system. This prompts it to clean dirtier places, like entrances, more thoroughly. It’s very useful.

The cleaner is small enough to slide underneath your couch. This allows it to get the accumulated dust you struggle to reach. Another plus is the 27-degree cleaning angle, which lets the vacuum tilt so it can clean wall skirting.

To operate the 690, you use the iRobot Home App, which connects to your iPhone. It’s simple, but it does include online support if you run into errors. For the more gadget-minded, it can be voice activated with another smart device such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

What Needs Improving

The one downside was that removing and emptying the dustbin is gimmicky. But hey, maybe that’s just us!

9.1Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Do you need an industry-standard cleaner to deal with super tough surfaces? If so, we recommend you consider alternatives before buying the 690. You may not get the power that you need with it. If not, give it a look. It’s a smart and stylish self-cleaning vacuum perfect for normal home use. All in all this is a great machine that will be a lifesaver if you’re always short on time.

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

8 used from $247.49
Free shipping
Last update was in: April 9, 2018 9:27 pm
$318.74 $374.99


3) ECOVACS Deebot N79S


The Deepot N79S is the popular successor to the feature-packed N79 we reviewed earlier. This robotic vacuum is especially designed for hardwood floors and low pile carpets. There are 4 cleaning modes, including accelerated suction to clean those stubborn spots with ease. You can even set your machine to vacuum daily. You go to work, and come home from a long, hard day to a vacuumed home. That’ll make your days a little easier.

What We Like

You can expect to get the same fantastic attributes of any Ecovacs product. The vacuum cleaner has several built-in sensors. These give it the intelligence to avoid your precious furniture.

It has a strong build, with heavy-duty wheels. Miraculously, these won’t leave a single mark on even delicate wooden floors.

Finally, the air-filtration system is indispensable, especially if your home tends to harbor a lot of dust, or you’re a pet owner.

The other benefit is the max suction power mode, which I mentioned earlier. Sometimes robotic cleaners get criticized for not being powerful enough, especially on carpets. This makes the N79S more effective if you have challenging surfaces.

What Needs Improving

On the downside, the N79S is a bit louder and heavier than its predecessor. But even these flaws come with silver linings. The weight does give the vacuum extra stability while moving around your home. The sound won’t be more than 70 decibels, which beats most traditional vacuum cleaners.

9.5Expert Score
The Final Verdict

All in all, this is an exceptional product. So what sets the N79S apart - and perhaps more importantly, why should you choose it over the N79? If you’re a techy, it offers new voice activation that is compatible with Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap. You'll have lots of fun telling your vacuum to clean while you handle other chores . .. or put your feet up and relaxl (Why not, right?). Tip: this vacuum sells so fast that it’s often out of stock, but I bagged mine at a reduced price on Amazon.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction, Alexa Connectivity, App Controls, Self-Charging for Hard Surface Floors &...

Free shipping
Last update was in: April 9, 2018 9:28 pm


4) iRobot Roomba 980


The Roomba 980 is iRobot’s flagship vacuum cleaner, with a price to match. But is it worth paying extra? If you feel like splashing the cash, this robotic vacuum cleaner is worth every penny.

What We Like

The 980 comes with the tech advancements that you expect from a top-of-the-line machine. More than any other product we tested, this vacuum will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the future. It not only takes the task of vacuuming off your hands, it makes you feel like you’re living with the Jetsons as it works.

This model offers a lot more power than the 690 – ideal if you have a large home with many types of rooms and floors. Like the more affordable version, the 980 is slim enough to slide under chairs and couches.

There’s a built-in camera that maps your surfaces. The machine knows exactly where it is at all times. Best of all, it will respond to commands without losing a sense of which parts of the floor are still dirty.

Another great feature is the automatic recharging. If it runs out of juice, the 980 will pause and recharge, before continuing cleaning where it left off. You won’t have to do a thing!

There’s also a boost mode, designed for carpets. This mode is self-activated when it comes across a carpet.

Think voice activation technology is neat? Good, because like the 690, the 980 features voice activation from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Get your vacuuming going even from the other side of the house with a simple verbal command. Cool stuff.

The navigation technology is flawless. Have a trouble area (or three) that seems to hate coming clean? You can request the machine go over it more than once, making sure it’s spotless.

What Needs Improving

Live in a huge house? Make sure that the base is located in a central part, otherwise the iRoomba may struggle to find signal. We also wish that the robot could be managed by more than one smart device at a time, but hey, that’s minor!

9.2Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Here’s the deal: If you can afford it, I recommend the 980 over the 690. The extra features will make your cleaning so much easier that they're undoubtedly worth it. But if simple is your thing, go with the lesser model. You can't go wrong with either.

iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot + 2 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers (With Batteries) + Extra Side Brush +...

1 used from $849.00
Free shipping
Last update was in: April 9, 2018 9:28 pm
$899.00 $999.00


5) ECOVACS Deebot N79


Ecovacs are the worldwide industry-leading brand for robot vacuum cleaners. The Deebot N79 is their latest model, and it’s impressing everyone from ordinary people to professional cleaners.

What We Like

It’s feature-packed, offering 3x specialized cleaning settings. This is on top of its smart auto-clean, which includes the coveted Edge Mode. Edge Mode allows the robot to self-vacuum even the sharpest corners and furniture edges.

Don’t worry about damages, either. It has both a full anti-collision safeguard and bumpers to keep your delicate possessions safe.

We’re most impressed by the air filter. The machine collects even the smallest airborne particles as it cleans. They don’t have the chance to fall to the floor and settle. This is fantastic if you’re a pet owner, or if anyone with allergies lives in your home.

Operating the Deepot is simple. You use a basic app which allows you to schedule cleans, select the cleaning mode, and track charge levels. All it requires is a basic WiFi connection and a smartphone (Apple or Android). No fancy accessories necessary. Nice!

This robot floor cleaner packs a powerful punch. With more than 1.5 hours of 1,000-900 PA suction power, this cleaner will have no trouble cleaning even a large home. And as an added bonus: you wouldn’t think something so powerful could be so quiet, but it is. Listening to it gently humming away is almost relaxing. It’s nothing at all like the noisy traditional vacuums. A huge benefit.

What Needs Improving

Given the affordable price, this is still a relatively modest machine. It’s not going to deep clean thick surfaces, such as a dense rug. It’s better suited for smooth surfaces, and light, low-pile carpeting. Another weakness is that it struggles in homes with staircases. Don’t worry! It will stop at the edge. But, ours had problems recognizing the situation. It would often produce an error message, which can be a little frustrating.

8.8Expert Score
The Final Verdict

It thrilled me to find such a good quality, reliable and powerful automatic vacuum for a fraction of the price. If you're looking to save a few bucks but still incorporate modern technology into your cleaning routine, this is a great buy.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, for Low-pile Carpet, Hard floor, Wi-Fi Connected

4 used from $175.48
Free shipping
Last update was in: April 9, 2018 9:26 pm
$194.98 $299.98


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