Discover the Best Gaming Gadgets & Equipment Every Gamer Needs in 2023

What Makes a Good Gamer into a Great Gamer?

We’ve all read about the vast sums of money gamers can make, and most of us gaming nerds dream of turning pro, and getting ourselves a slice of the action. So we immerse ourselves in the gaming world every hour we have spare, and often hours that aren’t actually spare, we just shift less important things around a bit, like work, social life and exercise!

We invest in the highest spec gaming equipment, top of the range software, even planting a mini refrigerator next to us, eliminating the need to leave the screen in order to refuel (although all that refueling can lead to other reasons to move – we’re working on that one!). Whether we’re fans of multi-award-winning Fortnite, jumping into Jesse Faden’s boots, or marveling at the vast deadly beauty of The Witcher’s Wild Hunt, other world immersion is our buzz of choice.

But what gaming equipment can make our experience even better? Complete the all round full body absorption we crave? Well, comfort for one thing. Nothing drags us, kicking and wriggling back to reality than a numb butt!

Comfort is king, so …

Enter The Gaming Chair!

With the ability to fly us from the world of work, bills, and the everyday, straight into a world of wonder, of bravery, and heroes, the gaming chair, first and foremost, offers prolonged comfort. Most are ergonomically designed, allowing your spine to be naturally aligned between the supportive neck and lumbar cushions. With easy height adjustments, customizable reclining positions, and arm supports any discomfort, even after a marathon session, is eliminated.

Now, here’s the magic – the reason that pro gamers and the elite among us, swear by their gaming chairs. They improve our gaming! Yes really, our scores can increase dramatically, and the fight that would once have killed us off, is now a mere blip.

With the improved posture that gaming chairs provide, our energy levels can reach an all time high. Because the chair supports our muscles, our bodies don’t have to waste energy doing it, so all that energy can go into gaming. We also become more alert and attentive, quick to think and our reaction times improve dramatically. Not only does this lead to a better gaming experience, but gives us a serious edge, boosting performance levels astronomically.

What else can make our gaming experience even better?

Gaming Mice

It turns out that all the gaming mice vs regular mice rumors are true – they really can up your game playing, and are absolutely worth adding to your peripheral arsenal. If you’re a serious gamer, and let’s face it, we’re all deadly – even if we won’t admit it, the advantages offered by a gaming mouse are well worth the slightly increased cost.

First, the feel of a gaming mouse is different. Designed to be ergonomically comfortable, allowing absolute access to all controls, a gaming mouse should feel part of you, offering the impression of melding together. The grip should feel solid, with an easy-to-clean casing, even after a palm sweating adventure, and the majority of gaming mice have easily personalized buttons – it pays to make full use of this feature.

Much like their furry namesakes, gaming mice have a high degree of sensitivity, allowing for the smallest of movements to be reflected on screen, and eliminating any time lag. They can send the cursor spinning with the merest touch, and although this heightened responsiveness takes a bit of getting used to if you are approaching from a desktop mouse, it’s an impressive ally to have on your team.

Extra Time

Now, we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t mention the growing trend of virtual reality headsets.

Once a thing of dreams, with tech teams still developing smell and taste abilities, the VR gaming equipment have come into their own in the last two years. The current age that began with the improved Oculus Rift, thanks to Facebook’s Zuckerberg, now includes tech giants Samsung, Sony and HTC.

Offering the ability to display and play games via PC or smartphone, they have also found a use in the world of simulation for training purposes, including aircraft, medical and military. However, the success of any model depends on its visuals, and with even the low budget options, the visuals can be spectacular. High res graphics, coupled with smooth rolling, rapid screen refresh and a wide field of vision make for fully immersive gameplay.
Comfort and weight considerations have improved noticeably, too, along with light blocking features, which can only enhance the experience.

It has to be said, whilst we don’t see the VR headset taking over from the regular gaming setup, if they carry on improving at the rate they have done so far, it won’t be too long.

Step Away From the Screen

We wouldn’t be the responsible nerds that we are if we didn’t encourage you to step away from the screen from time to time. But never fear, you can combine exercise (we apologise for the bad language) with gaming by buying into the sheer fun of Nerf warfare.

Originally made by toy giant Hasbro, the Nerf collection contains something for everyone. Firing foam darts from a wide variety of weapons, including pistols, rifles and machine guns, can relieve any residue of stress you may have, allowing the adrenaline free rein to maim and slaughter. Blast away with the Zombie Strike, Vortex or Doomland, and down your enemies in an all out battle, or snipe them as they enter the office (no? Just us then). Due to the foam ammo, Nerf wars can be fought indoors or out, and with any age, and we just love it.

It’s NERF or Nothin’!

The Gadget Nerds