How to Remotely View Security Cameras Via The Internet

Spying From a Distance

Internet protocol or IP cameras are slowly becoming the standard when it comes to security and surveillance systems. These cameras provide a remote viewing feature which is a significant advantage over their analog closed-circuit counterparts. With an internet connection and right setup, you may easily access these cameras from your phone or laptop even when you are away from where they are installed.

Setting up for remote access

Here we’ll go over how to set up your IP security cameras for remote access.

Using a Cat-5 network cable, connect your security camera’s DVR (digital video recorder) to the network router.

Open your web browser and type the local IP address of your router in the browser’s address bar to log in. You can check with your provider for the exact IP address of your router, but an example will look like this –

After you have logged into your router’s configuration panel, you’ll then create a dedicated or static IP address for your camera in the local area network (LAN) settings of your router. Having a dedicated IP for the camera will allow you to access it directly without causing any conflicts with other devices in the network. You should also take note of the subnet mask number, which is in most cases. You will need this information later on.

What next?

Next, you need to set up port forwarding on your router for the camera’s IP address. This will allow you to access your camera from a different device. Type the IP address of your camera and set it to forward port 80. If you need to forward more than one port, just repeat the process for all the required ports of your camera.

After port forwarding is complete, power on the camera to access its network menu. Go to the setup settings for networking to choose a static IP address. Enter the IP address and subnet mask number assigned to your camera. Double-check that the ports on the camera match those you forwarded through the router, then save the settings.

From outside your local area network, enter the external IP address you are using into a web browser. To check your external IP address, you can go to and copy your listed IP address there. You will then be prompted to install ActiveX control for your camera’s web server. After this, you should be able to access your camera online.

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