What Music Equipment Do I Need? Top Tips and Advice For Any Music Requirements

Looking for the Best in Music Equipment?

Whether it’s Vivaldi, Taylor Swift, P!ATD or Godsmack, most of us love our music, listening to it around the house, in the SUV, running through the park, in fact, wherever and whenever, we play music.

But with the vast amount of music equipment out there, what’s the best option for your music collection?

Considerations for buying music equipment are the same as buying any piece of tech, from TVs to cell phones – what do you want it to do? Yes, we know you want it to play music, but what else?

Many manufacturers produce specialized equipment, whereas others pack their devices with everything, so it helps to have some idea of what you want to achieve. The simplest place to start is what to play your music on.

What Equipment Do I Need to Play Music?

Music Systems

Music comes into our homes in a variety of forms these days, from good old vinyl for the purists amongst us, through to digital downloads. In order to experience the sheer pleasure of vinyl, once you’ve slid that solid, black disc out of its artistically designed sleeve, you’ll need a record deck, or turntable – remember them? Well, they’ve been brought right up to date with the inclusion of Bluetooth. Some have kept to the old retro styling, whilst others have gone with the high tech look.

Another thing that’s been brought bang up to date is the Boombox, that old 80s party staple now follows the rechargeable wireless trend, so there’s no need for 1 million giant batteries when busting the moves down the street.


Any system can be enhanced by adding speakers, and there are plenty to choose from. Soundbars offer a decent audio experience, and are designed to be an all-in-one speaker. In actual fact, they contain several specialized speakers, all working together to produce a rounded, full bodied sound. They are generally a good option and come in at budget friendly prices.

For the more dedicated audiophile, there’s the subwoofer. This baby takes your music and throws it right back atcha, with all the tones you’ve never noticed before, fully exposed and in your face (or ears). The deep bass frequencies that run underneath the music can now provide a floor rumbling tremor, strong enough to rock the neighborhood. What’s not to love about a good sub!

Speakers, too, have hit the high tech gadget world, just like their music playing counterparts. Enter the uber cool, floating Bluetooth speakers. We love these, with a capital L, O, V and E just for their sheer style and audacity to float when they really shouldn’t. And not just on water … no, these guys float in the air, too! The helium balloon of the speaker world, generally these produce a pretty decent sound quality … plus they float!

Music on the Move

If you want music on the go, and let’s face it, move of us do, it’s simple with today’s high tech gadgetry. For commuters, dog walkers, runners and more, music can make the experience pass quicker and more enjoyably, and headphones have moved on dramatically from the uncomfortable, heavy ones our parents used.

With the ability to ‘remove’ external noises, such as traffic, noise canceling headphones are a brilliant idea. They work by detecting the noise around you and playing an undetectable opposite sound to cancel it out. Sounds strange, but trust us, they work and work well.

Offering a powerful sound, whilst being discreet and unobtrusive, wireless earbuds are sleek and stylish. Surprisingly comfortable to wear, they fit inside your ear, allowing you to get on with your day, whilst your favorite tracks make everything more fun.

How Can I Make Music?

Some of us are lucky enough to possess the talent and skill to make their own music, and not to be left behind, the world of tech has provided. Infinitely more convenient than a full size model, and often with the ability to reproduce the diversity of an orchestra, may we introduce the digital piano. Most models have a full size keyboard, realistic weighted keys, and a whole range of feature settings, allowing you to make sweet, sweet music (or not, in our case), with backing instruments, and the ability to record and mix your own tracks. Often including a built in metronome, vocal options, and pre-programmed tuition settings, these are not only great fun, but can be a career changer with the right talents.

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