Great Tips for Successfully Mounting Your New TV The Way You Like Best

Mounting a TV might seem like a simple task, but get it wrong, and you could end up with a stiff neck, strained eyes, and a wall that looks like Swiss cheese.

Before you kick back and start binge-watching your favorite Netflix series on your brand-new flat screen, it’s crucial to determine the optimum height for your TV. It’s not quantum physics – just simple ergonomics. The height of the TV should ideally align with your eye level. However, this can change based on a few variables, including your height, the room in which the TV will be placed, and the size of your screen.

TV Mounting Height Guidelines

For the living room, the recommended height to mount your TV is approximately 42 inches from the floor. A standard sofa cushion typically sits around 18 inches off the ground. And when seated, the average adult’s eye level is around 24 inches from the sofa top. This makes 42 inches the sweet spot for your screen, keeping average dimensions in mind.

But the living room isn’t the only place where we watch TV. In bedrooms, the mounting height may be slightly lower, especially if you watch TV from a low-lying bed or like to recline while watching. In contrast, for a kitchen or bar setup where stools are higher, the screen should be mounted a few inches above the standard height.

Consider the TV Size

The size of your TV also plays a crucial role in determining the optimal mounting height. Try to imagine the center point of your screen – and no, we don’t recommend physically drawing a dot on your brand-new TV! This imaginary center should align with your eye level.

A useful trick is to mark the wall where you believe your eye level is with a small, erasable dot. Now, mark where the bottom edge of your TV will sit based on that point, ensuring the center of the screen aligns with your eye level dot. Take your usual seat and check the marked height before going hammer and nails. You might need to tweak the height by an inch or two, but it’s far easier than patching a wall full of misjudged holes.

Consider the Room Size

Not only does the room size contribute to the calculation of the ideal TV mounting height, but it also helps you decide on the size of the TV to buy. As the distance from the center point to the bottom edge is proportional to the size of your screen, a larger screen will hang lower.

In a smaller room, this can lead to a claustrophobic atmosphere, making the space feel dominated and overshadowed by the TV. On the other hand, a screen that’s too small may result in everyone huddled around, straining their necks, leaving the rest of your spacious living room feeling empty and unused.

As you can see, finding the perfect height to hang your new TV involves some thought and careful measurements. But it’s a small price to pay to enjoy the perfect view and to keep your body happy in the long run. After all, nobody wants to be nursing a crick in the neck during the climactic scenes of their favorite shows!

Select Your TV

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