Small ‘Thank You’ Gift Ideas – The Perfect Way to Say ‘Thanks’


You know what it’s like, someone does you a favor, a small act of kindness that requires no reward, but it’s nice to say thanks with a gift. Just a little something to show your appreciation (and obviously to ensure they agree to babysit the kids, walk the dog, pick up something from the shops etc next time, too).

Now the hard work begins, you want something appropriate, but not costing the earth, right? A gift that’s not big enough to cause embarrassment, nor small enough to require a microscope. A well thought out present is just the thing. It shows that you care enough to consider what they would like, or need, and have gone out of your way to get the perfect gift.

What would they like? 

This is where your knowledge about your friend comes into play. If they’re someone you would call an acquaintance, then a gorgeous bouquet and candies are your go-to gift idea, but if you know them like you know yourself, then, ironically, it becomes harder to pick a thoughtful gift.

If your giftee is a gamer, or sci-fi nerd, there is a wide range of fun gadgets to keep them busy, from gaming mice to suit all budgets to an awesome Darth Vader waffle maker – imagine eating Sith Lord embossed breakfast waffles!  Another breakfast idea is a gorgeously stylish French press. With the ability to make proper, full-bodied wake-up-call coffee, this is the gift that keeps on giving. How about a packet of freshly ground coffee beans, too? This would make your gift even more special.

For the outdoor lover, be they hiker, biker, camper or they fancy themselves as the wild man of the woods (along with all the images that idea conjures up), warmth is always going to be welcome, especially when the seasons turn chilly. Heated clothes are a great gift idea, offering coziness, comfort and style. From rechargeable heated gloves, to wonderfully luxurious socks, there’s no end to the versatility of battery powered heated clothing. Practical touch-screen gloves take user friendliness to another level by allowing cell phones to be readily accessed, while hands remain sumptuously toasty.

Executive toys have been easing workplace tensions for many years, however with the rise of remote offices, they’ve really come into their own. If your friend works from home, a fun fidget spinner can ease the working day stress easily and simply by allowing the mind to take a break from the pressures of working from home. Making the workplace office feel more comfortable and homely can induce the same peace of mind, so consider getting your friend a high tech digital picture frame, containing a slideshow of happy memories created by you. Surely the ultimate in thoughtful gifts!

Giving a gift, be it for a birthday, Christmas, or to say thank you, is a warm-glow-inducing act, a gift-wrapped hug, if you will. And as such, it’s important to put some thought into your choice, because, after all, you may need them to repeat the favor one day, and you’ll want them to say yes without too much of a struggle!

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